Welcome to the Empower Physio & Wellness Blog!

Hi, I’m glad you’re here because I’m thrilled to launch our new blog! In early 2019, I founded Empower Physio & Wellness because I’ve always valued the power of movement and physical activity for overall well-being. I wanted to offer more to my clients while sharing my passion for helping people–especially women, unleash their inner strength.

This is the exciting next step in my journey as a business owner. Whether you’re looking for advice about how to deal with back pain, tips for eating mindfully throughout the holiday season, or how to reach your goals, you can find this (and more) here on the blog.

Leave a comment below and let me know a topic that you’re interested in reading about.

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Dr. Stephanie Duffey

We Help Motivated Women Feel Physically Amazing So They Can Be Active, Empowered, And Energized Without Frustrating Pain Or Injury.