Want to Crush Your 2021 Goals? Here’s the Number One Thing You Must Do

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone and we’ve all had to pivot. I’m sure we’re all eager (and maybe a bit anxious) to kick off 2021 given the many unknowns many of us may still be facing. One thing you can control going into the new year is your goals! And who doesn’t want to crush 2021 after the year we’ve had?! In this post I’ll break down the number one thing you must do to achieve all you set your mind to.

The key is to find your why. It sounds simple right? But let’s take a deeper look. Your why goes way beyond a surface-level goal such as “I want to lose weight.” Let’s use this goal as an example to drill down further.

WHY do you want to lose weight? 
So I can look and feel better.
WHY do you want to look and feel better?
So I can be more confident.
WHY do you want to be more confident? 
So I can teach my daughters to be comfortable and healthy in their own skin.
WHY do you want to teach your daughters these things?
Because I didn’t have a positive female role model growing up and my parents didn’t live a healthy lifestyle. I want to lose weight so I can live a long, healthy life for my daughters and teach them to do the same. 

And there’s the WHY in this example. Beyond just the surface, this person wants to be healthy for her family and set a positive example for her daughters. 

It’s important to define a WHY that’s meaningful for you so that when you start to veer off track, (and inevitably you will because you’re human) you have a larger purpose to come back to. Another tip to hold yourself accountable is to find a way to remind yourself of your goal every day.

Maybe you write it down and tape it somewhere that you can’t miss, like your bathroom mirror, or you find a picture that you associate to your goal and set it as your phone background. Find whatever works for you to keep your why at the forefront of your mind!

I hope this helps you as you start to think about what you want to achieve in 2021. Need a little extra help staying accountable for your 2021 goals? Check out The Empowerment Project

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