Restore & Revitalize

You'll have your body longer than any other possession you'll ever have.

Let's take care of it so you can have FUN in life...



Keeping up with your kids and grandkids

Staying active your whole life

…and MORE

Have you ever said...

“I’m too young to feel this old.”

“I’ve got my ‘old lady’ or ‘old man’ pains.”

“Our vacation condo better have an elevator because I can’t do all those steps.”

“If I get down on the ground, someone is going to have to help me up.”

“I don’t have to be the fastest or strongest, I just want to stay active my whole life.”

“I don’t want to go through what my parents did with their health problems.”

“Am I going to have to change my lifestyle to accommodate my aches and pains?”

“I used to tell my kids to walk faster, now I’m asking them to slow down because I can’t keep up.” 

“I don’t want to go back to the way I was feeling when everything was stiff and sore.”

What is Restore & Revitalize?

The Restore & Revitalize Program is for people who want to stay active for LIFE without dealing with “old lady” or “old man” pains, feeling like you’re older than you actually are, or waiting for those pain flare ups you get a couple times per year. 

With the Restore & Revitalize Program, you get either one or two sessions with a doctor of physical therapy every month. The focus of these sessions is to improve your performance in daily life. This can include things like mobility work, strength training, dry needling, and exercise programming.


Is Restore & Revitalize right for me?

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