How to fix back pain once and for all

How to fix back pain

You think you’re totally fine…until you’re not. You need to learn how to fix your back pain for good. Some days are manageable, but other days you have your spouse bathe the toddlers. Or have your kids carry the groceries in from the car. Or straight-up avoid vacuuming the floors because your back is just too uncomfortable and you don’t want to make it feel worse than it already does. 

You’ve gotten the pills from your primary care doctor, had a few massages, and tried to make time for stretching (but never really get around to it). You’ve already invested time and money but don’t actually feel better and don’t know what to do next. 

It makes total sense that you feel this way—you’re doing what everyone says to do but are still feeling bad. I’ve been there too. My brain was so exhausted from searching every Facebook group for answers, doing every Google search, and asking all my friends what to do next. The thing is, you know you’re already pretty strong. You work out, eat mostly well, and try to get your steps in. It’s not like you’re an unhealthy or lazy person.

What you need is someone to tell you what is actually going on with your back and what you can do to make it feel better…without more pills, injections, or rest. Who wants to leave the doctor’s office even more confused because they didn’t listen to you. No one has time for that.

I’ve seen this happen so many times. People come to me after months or years of playing this game and they’re DONE. Then, within a few weeks of working together, they already feel better than they have in months. The same result is possible for you too. Here’s how to fix back pain once and for all.

Find a provider who has your best interests in mind. They should:

  • Take the time to listen to everything you have to say
  • Be curious about what you’ve already tried
  • Genuinely care about the things you want to do in your life like running, traveling, hiking, and keeping up with the kiddos
  • Explain what is going in a way you fully understand
  • Outline a clear plan that you’re onboard with
  • Make you feel heard and encouraged

Fix the real problem. What I’ve found is that most pain is caused by problems with movement. You typically don’t need x rays, MRIs, pills, injections, or rest. You just need to fix how you are moving, and this step is so commonly overlooked.  

Implement a plan. To get different results, you need to do something different on a consistent basis. To make improvements that actually last, you need strategies and exercises that you can implement on your own. This is the difference between temporary and lasting results.

With the right provider, adjustments to how you move your body, and an effective game plan, you’ll be ready to get back to the things you love, like that weekend getaway! Rather than dreading how your back will feel on the car ride, you can spend your time planning out that long hike you were looking forward to.
Ready to finally feel better and keep it that way? Let’s chat.

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