Client Spotlight: Sheri

​Every other month, I showcase a client I’ve worked with and how together, we’ve helped them knock their goals out of the park. I hope this gives you a bit of inspiration—I know it keeps me inspired to keep working hard! Here’s my Q+A with Sheri. 

What caused you to seek treatment?

Before working with Dr. Steph, I was experiencing intense pain in my right hip every morning and my glute wasn’t firing. As a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and someone who has been active most of my life, this injury was emotionally and mentally draining. I felt inadequate and had done everything I knew how to do, but I couldn’t make it any better on my own. 

What was unique about your treatment?

Working with Dr. Steph was nothing short of amazing. I am a geek about anatomy and everything that goes along with that. I appreciated how she broke everything down for me and from our very first meeting, I had no doubt this was what I needed. 

How are you progressing?

My hip continues to get stronger with her treatments and exercises. I can now activate my glute and am learning how to make my quads stop doing everything. Additionally, I hadn’t been able to run at all for over 8 months prior to my treatment and now, I can run in 20-minute intervals and am getting stronger every day. I’m feeling amazing both physically and mentally! 

What are you looking forward to achieving in the future?

I’m thrilled that I’ve been able to get back to running and doing single legs squats. I’m looking forward to progressing to pistol squats. 

Would you recommend Empower Physio & Wellness to your friends?

Definitely! She’s helped me get back to feeling great. I’m able to show up for my classes and clients feeling 100%. I feel like I can take on the world and I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Steph. 

​Inspired by Sheri’s story? Let’s chat about how I can help you achieve your goals!

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