Client Spotlight: Amy Waugh

Amy Waugh

Every other month, I showcase a client I’ve worked with and how together, we’ve helped them knock their goals out of the park. I hope this gives you a bit of inspiration—I know it keeps me inspired to keep working hard! Here’s my Q+A with personal trainer, Amy Waugh.

What caused you to seek treatment?

I felt absolutely defeated. There I was, a personal trainer and “fitness expert” unable to perform at my best without pain. I felt like I should’ve known how to solve my issue or just push through it until it went away, just like every other injury I’d had in the past decade. Not only did I feel helpless and sad, but my body was not responding to any type of “treatment” (I was self-prescribing rest and stretching). With every passing hour, my pain got worse and worse until I couldn’t even sit without pain anymore. After a month of denial, I finally gave in to the fact that this was a real injury. I knew I needed to seek help from an expert to help me get healthy, strong, and feel well again.

What was unique about your treatment?

Working with Dr. Steph was an absolute dream. She described everything in the most perfect way for me to understand and helped empower me to be a part of my own healing journey. She didn’t give ultimatums or make me feel as though I caused my injury (which I did ;)). Instead, she gave me choices on how I could feel if I continued to push myself the way I had been, or if I learned how to listen to my body and become well again. That really resonated with me and inspired me to change my entire lifestyle to focus less on constantly being on the go and more on serving myself what I need in each moment.

Our sessions in the office were fun, albeit painful. We talked about everything under the sun and I always left smiling, feeling both at ease and in control. Dr. Steph not only treated me in the office, but she also gave me the tools I needed to be successful on my own, so I have been able to maintain my progress.

How are you progressing?

Empowered is the best way to describe how I feel every day. I feel empowered to take control of my own health including my physical and mental health. I am okay setting boundaries, and I am okay having a workout that is a little less intense than I would’ve liked if that is what my body asks for that day. I listen for signs in my body and in my thoughts to know when I am pushing a little too hard and when I need to slow down. I am exercising without pain for the first time in over a decade and taking the time to warm up and recover before and after each workout. I feel proud that I have finally learned to put my health and myself first. I am happy, I am calm, and I am ready to take on anything (so long as my body is okay with it).

What are you looking forward to achieving in the future?

This may not necessarily be a goal, but I’d say that I feel like I can be a life-long “athlete” now. I am comfortable listening to my body and taking care of my body for the first time in my life, so I will be able to continue to pivot into whatever feels good through all of the stages of my life. And for that, I am eternally grateful!

Would you recommend Empower Physio & Wellness to your friends?

Oh my goodness, yes! Obviously, feeling great when you wake up to take on the day starts every day on a great foot. But to be able to exercise and feeling great again—for me, that’s everything. Exercise is my therapy. Like I am talking super sweaty, high intensity interval training, cycling, or running—that’s my home. So, to be able to do that is absolutely priceless for my mental health (and probably for my husband’s sanity, too). Empower Physio & Wellness helped get me back to a place I was 10 years ago—to move my body freely and without pain. I owe all of this good feeling to Dr. Steph!

Inspired by Amy’s progress? Tired of endlessly searching for “physical therapy near me” on Google? Let’s chat about how I can help you achieve your goals!

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