Business Spotlight: Ohio Baby Co

Ohio Baby Co is a pair of moms who are postpartum doulas and infant care specialists with expertise in sleep consulting services for children ranging from newborns to age five. It offers the in-home aftercare all new moms dream of, including LOVING support to ensure families are fed, rested and bonded during the postnatal time frame. These special ladies keep the household running with laundry and kitchen upkeep and they also specialize in infant overnight care, giving parents the well-deserved full night’s sleep they need.

Why are you passionate about living a healthy lifestyle?

As a mom who faced complete depletion (from lack of sleep, nutrition and movement) after my second child was born, I realized I needed to shift some focus onto myself to be the best mom and version of me. Years later, I find myself enjoying my children and time with them more than ever. We enjoying being active outdoors, testing new recipes and cooking together as a family. When my kiddos participate, they are much more likely to try and enjoy healthy options. It’s something that brings us closer together, and nothing is better than that!

What motivated you to start your business?

After my second child was born, I experienced severe postpartum depression, anxiety and OCD. I tried to find services and providers to help me recover and heal but there was a large gap in care for new moms at that time. After the 6-week postnatal checkup, you’re on your own. I thought if I was struggling with sleep, caring for myself and dealing with mental illness from childbirth, that I surely couldn’t be alone.

The resources were scarce for moms like me, so I dove in head first, educating myself and taking every training I could to support new moms. If I couldn’t find a solution, then I’d BE the solution. 6 months later, I began working with my first client and have not stopped since (9 years!). Necessity is the mother of invention—and mothers can do anything!

What is unique about the services you offer?

I think what sets Ohio Baby Co apart is our truly non-judgmental approach to support new parents. We do not have an agenda, we do not endorse specific products and we certainly do not align with any single style of parenting. Every parent/child relationship is unique and special, and we firmly believe the parents are the experts in their children.

We can be trusted to do things in the same way that the parents would for continuity of care. Bottle fed? Great! Breast fed? Great! Pump sometimes? Great! Formula fed? Great! We support all parents and their unique styles. 

Tell us about the clients you work with and the type of transformation they achieve.

Exhausted parents are our main clientele. Seeing an exhausted mom who has not showered in days and has eaten nothing but granola bars and cold chicken nuggets, have an opportunity for a hot shower, a solid night’s sleep and a hot cup of coffee in the morning is extremely rewarding. But also watching their babies flourish with improvements in feeds and sleeping. Seeing the family unit go from complete exhaustion and chaos, to a life with some predictability and lots of love is the most amazing part. 

What has changed in your life since you started your business?

The past 9 years have been full of more changes than I ever thought possible. A new house in a new state, for instance! And now homeschooling my own children through a global pandemic. But professionally, moving from attending births and supporting moms for 3/4 months postnatally to strictly serving postnatal clients overnight has been a huge shift. I also went into sleep consulting so I could continue to support our clients as their children grew from infancy into childhood as well. I’d never envisioned myself as a night shift kind of gal, but now, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

What is your favorite thing to do that automatically puts you in a good mood?

Going outside on walks, hikes and bike rides! I also enjoy taking a client for a moving nap in a stroller or following up with a past client and hearing about how their kiddos have grown.

If someone wants to learn more, what is the best way to get in contact with you?


Instagram: ohiobabyco


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