Business Spotlight: FabYOUlous Fitness

As a female entrepreneur, I’m super passionate about connecting with other go-getters who are killin’ it in the fitness world. I wouldn’t be where I am today without help from the many people who have inspired me. That’s why I’m pleased to unveil my first business spotlight! Every other month, I’ll showcase a business owner in the wellness field who is making a difference. 

This month, I sat down with Kim Bouldin of FabYOUlous Fitness in Westerville, Ohio. Kim has a passion for helping women learn to take care of themselves through fitness. Her mission is to help them prioritize self-care by becoming more consistent with exercise and nutrition so they can become stronger, more empowered individuals able to live their best lives. She founded FabYOUlous Fitness in 2012 to provide women with a safe, unintimidating space to exercise. Check out the rest of my Q+A with Kim!

Why are you passionate about living a healthy lifestyle?
I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle so that I can be around for my children and future grandchildren for years to come. Exercise is so good for my soul and really helps me deal with my anxiety. 

What motivated you to start your business?
I’ve always been intimidated by gyms — especially large, big-box gyms. I wanted to create an inviting, safe space for women to exercise, while helping them overcome the obstacle of not wanting to go to the gym.

What’s unique about the services you offer?
We are a women-only facility offering programming designed to help women get consistent with their exercise. We celebrate non-scale victories and focus on encouraging members to take actions that help them feel better, have more energy, and live their best lives. 

Tell us about the clients you work with and the type of transformation they achieve.
We work with women ranging from age 25 to 65 who struggle with exercise and self-care consistency. Many of these women are so used to taking care of everyone else that they’ve neglected themselves for years, and now they feel ashamed of how far they’ve let themselves go. Our clients report feeling better (more energy, weight loss, mental clarity) within 3-4 weeks when they attend training sessions at least twice per week. By establishing healthy routines and habits, we help each woman design a healthy lifestyle that works for her. 

What’s changed in your life since you started your business?
When I started my business, I was working part-time with a couple of clients and have since grown my clientele, added online training and nutrition coaching and moved into a new space. Fitness, and helping women learn how to become consistent with their exercise so they can live their best lives is truly my passion.

What’s your favorite pump-up song?
Hmmm…my favorite pump-up song…I have so many! I think right now it’s Reason by Unspoken. Want more information about FabYOUlous Fitness? Visit their website at or contact Kim at

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